Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gaslands cars, the second wave

This is the second wave of cars I'm doing for the Gaslands game.

Here are the pics:

These are mostly Hotwheels cars with a couple Matchbox cars in there as well. I used Vallejo black primer airbrushed on with Vallejo paints and Games Workshop washes applied by brush. The extra doodads I added are, in no particular order, bits of sprue, weapons from Bolt Action kits, the mesh from a kitchen grease splatter guard, hacked up bits from a battleship model kit, HO scale diamond plate styrene sheets from, bits from Konflikt '47 kits, bits I hacked off of old Mechwarrior clix figures, wires from a video card power adapter, Warhammer 40 k bits, bits I hacked off the Hotwheels cars themselves and random resin bits I had lying around.
Here is the link to the diamond plate: